A guide to Bonus Battles

A guide to Bonus Battles

Bonus Battles:

Bonus Battles are one of Rollbit's most loved features. Allowing up to 1000 users to complete a Bonus Buy against each other, with the person who's bonus pays the most receiving everything, and the other participants not receiving anything.

Eligible Games:

Bonus Battles are enabled on the majority of slots that offer Bonus Buy features within the game, however slots that offer Gamble features before the bonus to increase the user's spins, or Risk features to increase a user's win upon completion of the bonus are not available for battles. Providers with Bonus Battles available include: Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw, Nolimit City, Elk, BGaming and many more!
- Some providers are also disabled from Bonus Battles for other reasons.

How to create a Bonus Battle:

To create a Bonus Battle, simply go to the Bonus Battle page, and click 'Create Battle' or direct straight to the creation page here.
From this page,  select your desired slot, select the Bonus Buy cost you wish to play, and then select the number of participants.
The battle will then be visible to all users, and available to join for 5 minutes, before the Bonus Battle commences.

Once the timer reaches 0, the slot will open, and each user will have 1minute 30 to purchase the bonus and start the round! Only the user purchasing the buy is able to watch the bonus - other participants will be busy completing their own!
Upon completion of the bonus, the user's Bonus Battle Balance will be adjusted to show the amount they won during the round, and then the user will be directed back to the Bonus Battle page to await the results!

As shown at the top of the screen, the bonus completed by myself returned $2.14

Once all the participants have completed the Battle, there will be a countdown before the winner is revealed, and their total prize is claimable! Each user will be then able to close their balance!

Fun Fact: 1,005,292 Bonus Battles were completed during 2022! [compared to 562,991 during 2021]

Rollbot Battles

One unique feature Rollbit offers for avid battlers is the ability to request Rollbot to battle against them. Rollbot is Rollbit's own account, under which a staff member will purchase the bonus on behalf of Rollbit.

Rollbot Battles - FAQ

Why would a user want this?
Some users may not want to wait for another user to join their Battle.
Other users may be placing bets of a larger size and no-one else online wants to join.

What is the minimum amount to request Rollbot?
The minimum Battle size to request Rollbot to battle against you is $100

How do I request Rollbot joins my battle?
Upon the creation of a Battle $100 or higher, a button will pop up to request Rollbot joins - Upon pressing this button, Rollbot will join the battle and either wait for further participants to join (if the battle is more than 2 participants) or b) commence the battle.
A Rollbit staff member will then be notified to complete the battle on behalf of the site.
Once you have completed your round simply wait on the battles page, and the Battle will be completed as soon as possible!

Can I call more than one Rollbot account?
We only allow 1 Rollbot account to be called per battle!

Private battles:

Private battles are also available! Perfect for streamers, influencers or even just a group of friends, it's possible to have a private battle where only users with the link can join!

All you need to do to create a Private battle, is select all the options on the 'Create Battle' page, and then click the checkbox labelled 'Make this battle private'! Then share this battle with your viewers, friends, family, or even your on-site frenemy!

FAQ- Bonus Battles

"What happens in the event of a tie?"‌‌
In the event of a tie [where 2+ users win the same amount], a winner is drawn randomly, and they will be the one who receives 1st place and the prize!‌‌‌‌

"What happens if I am unable to purchase the buy?"
‌‌If for any unforeseen reason you are unable to purchase the Bonus, once the timer reaches 0, you will be able to click 'Close Balance' and receive your funds back.‌‌
Something to note: If a user is leaving numerous battles on purpose, they risk forfeiting their funds and further punishment‌‌‌‌

"Why is the battle taking so long to finish?"
‌‌Sometimes battles may take longer to finish than you would expect. This can be for multiple reasons including a user forgetting to complete the round, or a user getting a strange set-up within the slot. In the event of a battle taking a large period of time to complete, a member of the Rollbit staff team will be notified and be able to complete the round that is 'stuck'.

‌‌‌‌"How many users can I invite to my battle?"‌‌
The default maximum number of participants for battles is now 50! Users may be able to request higher limits via the Support team, however this is usually limited to active members,streamers,highrollers or staff!

"Whilst I am waiting for a battle to be completed, can I do anything else?"
Yes! If you want to play another game whilst waiting for the battle to complete, you can simply change the active balance you are using via the Balances page! Simply change the active balance to your 'Main balance' and you are free to play whatever you want! You can then come back and close your battle balance later!

Scheduled Battles:

The Rollbit Moderation Team attempt to host larger Bonus Battles multiple times throughout the day! Every day!
- They usually occur around the hour mark, with specific moderators being the ones to host the battles!
- The average cost for these battles is $20 per participant per battle, and the link to join the battles is posted in the Rollbit chat!

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