How to Play X-Roulette on Rollbit

X-Roulette is an exciting yet simple game available utilising Bitcoin's blockchain for provably fair outcomes and transparent betting.

How to Play X-Roulette on Rollbit

What is X-Roulette?

X-Roulette is an exciting yet simple provably fair betting game pioneered by Rollbit where you can win a maximum payout of 1,000,000x! The game is also fully responsive for mobile devices.

Some details about X-Roulette:

  • The house edge is 5% while the Return To Player (RTP) percentage is 95%,
  • The minimum payout is 1.01x,
  • The maximum payout is 1,000,000x, and
  • The maximum profit is $500,000, per round.

How to Play X-Roulette

To play X-Roulette, you first need to deposit some funds to Rollbit (via BTC, LTC or ETH). Click on Casino in the sidebar and then select ‘X-Roulette’:


Select how much you want to wager, then pick a multiplier between 1.01 and 1,000,000.00:


Click on the 'Place Bet' button to confirm your bet. Once confirmed, the details about your bet will appear just above the 'Place Bet' button with the wager, multiplier, the potential payout and likelihood of winning. The X-Roulette wheel will also update itself once placing a bet to show skulls for the multipliers lower than your bet and displays green masks for a winning bet.


You can place more than one bet per round if you want. As you place your bets, they will also be shown on the right-hand side along with all of the bets made by other players.

Once you've started to place some bets, you can click on previous bets to repeat them quickly (next to 'Repeat Bet'), and give you time to enter different wagers/multipliers before the next round starts:


In each round, the X-Roulette wheel is spun and if it lands on a number lower than your choice of multiplier, you lose your wager. However, if the wheel lands on a number that is higher or equal to your choice, you win! The prize is equal to the wager times your chosen multiplier.

For example, suppose we bet $0.10 with a multiplier of x10 and another for $1 with a multiplier of x3 in a single round. Say the X-Roulette wheel ended up on x3.17, then we'd win one of the bets, and the balance is credited $3 since the bet had a x3 multiplier (but we'd lose $0.10 on the other bet since 3.17 is less than the multiplier of 10).

You could use small bet sizes with a high multiplier or bet using larger amounts with a lower multiplier close to 1.01 (or even a combination of both at the same time).  

To make things clear, let’s look at another example. Suppose you place a wager of $10 and choose a multiplier of x3. Your balance will decrease by $10 once the wager is placed. If, for that round, the X-Roulette wheel lands on x4, you win (10 x 3) $30 and your balance will increase by $20. If it lands on anything equal to or higher than your selected multiplier of x3, you will win $30.

However, if the X-Roulette wheel lands on anything less than the multiplier you’ve chosen (x3), the wager of $10 is lost.

The previous rolls are shown above the wheel for the last ten rounds (from left to right) but also keep in mind that each roll is independent.


X-Roulette is Provably Fair

With most online casinos, you cannot be sure that the game results generated by algorithm are transparent and fair. You have to place trust in the casino and hope it is operating with integrity. However, with the advent of blockchain technology, casinos have implemented provably fair games, bringing the benefits of transparency and immutability to casino games.

X-Roulette utilises the Bitcoin blockchain to randomise the game's results, removing the need for you to trust the casino, as the game results are determined for 6 million rounds in advance:


As part of Rollbit's v2 launch, we performed a new seed ceremony which guarantees that all bets made in X-Roulette are completely legitimate, genuine and available for everyone to audit. In this seed ceremony, the game results were predetermined for 3 million rounds in advance by generating a chain of random numbers (or hashes) and the last hash value in the chain is published on our Twitter.

Through the use of cryptography, we can work out the any value in the chain using the previous value but we cannot go in reverse. Therefore, the last hash in the chain corresponds with the first round of the game, the second from last hash value in the chain corresponds with the second round of the game (and so on), enabling anyone to verify that the outcome of all past game rounds were consistent with the pre-calculated chain, but the outcome of future rounds remains unpredictable to users.

By mixing the hash of the first round with a future, yet to be determined Bitcoin Block hash, this ensures that we cannot create a chain of favourable outcomes, as the actual results of X-Roulette are not known to us.

Verify for yourself that the X-Roulette results are randomly generated here.

We'll upload a step-by-step guide on how to verify results for provably fair games on Rollbit soon!

Try your luck at X-Roulette on Rollbit, crypto's most rewarding casino!

-The Rollbit Team