Introducing Clans: Beat the house with your friends 🎰

Introducing Clans: Beat the house with your friends 🎰

In this blog post, we'll break down the brand new revolutionizing feature that Rollbit has been working on for some time now!

Grab your friends and start preparing your crew to face Rollbit and take down the house.


That's right! Rollbit is once again changing the game with another feature to enhance your gameplay so you can share unique experiences with your friends.

What are Clans?

The new feature the Rollbit team has been working on for the previous few months, Clans will allow you to wager with other players and friends all under the one balance with profits & losses split proportionally to your stake in the Clan.

Tired of splitting and calculating balances manually with other players for each shared bonus or spin on a slot or live game? Clans has got you covered!

Rollbit's Clans are now the middleman for participants who want to wager in groups and share their wins with the shared balance updating in real-time.

You can get an in-depth look at the vision for creating Clans and further information on how it works from Rollbit's co-founder Lucky's thread here:

How does it work?

With an integrated live feed, you will be able to watch all bets through one screen for the shared balance within the Clan as one player controls which games to play.

First, let's explain the roles of each member within the Clan.

  • Member - This is a user who has entered into the Clan with their desired or minimum amount of funds to start gaining a share of all profits or losses incurred.
  • Player - This is a participant who has been given permissions to choose a game and wager the Clan balance (recommended for trusted members)
  • Clan Owner - The Clan owner can set the current player and recruit admins to moderate the Clan chat at any time. They can also use the Clan balance to be the player too.

Creating a Clan

To get started, use the create a Clan button from the Clan page and enter your desired starting balance. Every Clan has a minimum join balance, which is contributed to the Clans balance and set by the Clan owner.


When creating a Clan you will be given the option to link a Rollbot with your Clan. This will allow you to create more than one Clan whilst also giving you the option to name your clan anything you would like!

Once you've created your Clan, you will see the screen to select a game. This will be the live game that is played by the owner or designated players and appear the same for each user.

After selecting your game you would like to play, you are good to go! The balance between you and your friends that have joined is now being shared through the one players bets.


You might have also noticed a few other features whilst inside the game:

  • Clan live profit and loss chart on the right of the slot
  • Updating Clan and individual balance so you can see your stakes
  • Change game option at the bottom of the page
  • Choose your Clan layout to how you would like with the re-size button in the bottom right
  • Volume slider for all games so you can protect your ears from the sudden volume bursts

Joining a Clan

Want to join a Clan instead of creating your own? We'll help you out!

On the public Clans page on Rollbit you will see all the current active and inactive Clans. These are sorted by activity with inactive Clans placed below the active ones.

The visuals gives insights as to how the Clan is currently doing with the current active slot, wager and 1 hour PnL (profit & loss) figures to show how the Clan is doing and also the owner and total members.

Once you click 'Join Clan', you'll be able to decide how much balance you want to enter into the Clan to share the winnings!

When joining a Clan you will be a member and the owner or current player will have full control over your balance you entered into the Clan.

Clan management

You will also see at the top a few options for the Clans features. From here, if you choose 'Members' you will find a list of all the players inside your Clan at the given time and their balances, wagered and Clan stake amounts.


The balance is their current balance at the time from the shared wins or losses. This will fluctuate depending on your gameplay and if it's in profit or a loss from their time being in the Clan.

The wager amount is the players total wager from their total Clan stake. As the balance is from a shared pool of users funds, your wager will increase depending on your stake in that shared pool.

Wagers that go to rewards such as the daily bonus, referrals, instant rakeback and level ups are all still accounted for when in a Clan based on your wager amount!

At the far right of the players name inside the 'Members' tab, you will see the actions row. Using the three dots, you can designate the roles for the players or mute them from typing in the other cool feature we introduced with Clans being the Clan chat!

You'll also find the 'Sweep' option at the top of the members page. This allows you to instantly remove and players whose balances don't meet a chosen threshold.

Clan setting and stats

Using the 'Settings' tab at the top of the Clan, you'll be shown a few settings you can change to personalize your Clan how you would like it.

From here you can set a minimum balance for users to contribute to the shared balance once they join. You can also set a password so only those that know the password can join up and link a Rollbot to change the name and make new Clans.

If you'd like to disband your Clan, you can do this in the settings using the option at the bottom.

All members of the Clan will be credited their current profits or remaining balance if the Clan is disbanded.

Lastly, the 'Stats' tab will give you a good look into how your Clan is doing with their wagers. It will show you the PnL chart and some of the recent bets which can be sorted by recent, large and lucky bets for the Clans wagers.


Clan notes:

  • Clan members can withdraw from their contributed balance at anytime. You can leave a Clan at anytime to get your entire available balance back.
  • If you are the Clan owner, you will need to disband the Clan to get your entire balance back.
  • Rollbit house games are currently not supported within Clans but they'll be made available in a future update!
  • Due to the nature of multiple players contributing balance, some rounds can remain pending for longer than expected, which can cause Clan stakes & balances to look inaccurate until the pending rounds have concluded.

Have you found a bug or have some suggestions about how we can improve the new feature? Be sure to let us know in the channels inside our discord!