Introducing Rollbot Bonanza: A thrilling NFT inspired slot experience

Introducing Rollbot Bonanza: A thrilling NFT inspired slot experience

In this post, we'll introduce our brand new first of it's kind, provably fair, slot experience Rollbot Bonanza!

Built in house, the new original Rollbot Bonanza is inspired by our NFT project called the Rollbots!

Introducing Rollbot Bonanza

Continuing to propel as the most innovative cryptocurrency casino, we recently launched our brand new take on one of the most popular gambling experiences with our first attempt at entering the extremely competitive slot industry.

Did you know: The first video slot machine was introduced in 1976. making slot machines more exciting than ever and helped them become the most popular form of gambling in casinos. 

Inspired by our Rollbot NFTs launched in late 2021, the slot gives a new experience allowing the players to choose their own odds and volatility through picking the traits used for multipliers that are applied to each winning outcome.

Check out our Co-Founder Lucky's thread giving you an in-depth look at the thoughts and inspirations behind making Rollbot Bonanza here:

Rollbot Bonanza is now one of Rollbit's exclusive Rollbit originals which are games built purely by the Rollbit team for many different gambling experiences including the NFT jackpot, X-Crash and more!

How it works

New to slot betting and want to find out how Rollbot Bonanza works? We'll break it down for you!

Slot betting games are extremely popular and are considered the most played games in casinos where players wager on each round as symbols fall from the top of the screen in reels, where the combinations or most connections between the different symbols in the reels multiply the players winnings.

With five Rollbot's on each reel and six total reels, Rollbot Bonanza is a unique slot where the specific connections or lines formed between each reel aren't the determining factor for the players win, but instead the amount of each special Rollbot's that fall are!


Above you can see the tumble feature in action, where after each spin the special Rollbot's fall down in the reels. If there are a 8 or more of one certain special Rollbot on the screen you will be paid out according to the Rollbot payout table below relative to your bet size.

Winning special Rollbot groups then disappear and the remaining Rollbot's fall to the bottom of the screen with empty positions above them replaced with new random special Rollbot's falling down.

This can then result in more winning combinations appearing inside of the one spin with no limits on the amount of possible tumbles in the individual round!

Important information about Rollbot Bonanza:

  • The minimum bet you can make is $0.25
  • The maximum bet allowed is $1,500
  • Payout multiplier is up to x5,000 your bet
  • The theoretical RTP for Rollbot Bonanza is 96%
  • It's provably fair! You can verify each of your rounds here

Here's where it gets interesting!

As with Rollbit's tradition, we love switching it up and making games unique for the player, as with our other Rollbit originals we've recently introduced for a new gambling experience.

Rollbot customization

In Rollbot Bonanza, we allow the player to choose the volatility of the outcomes with the option to customize the Rollbot and setup the chance of multiplying the spin wins.

To do this, you can head on over to the right side of the slot and choose the 'Pick Bonus Traits' button to open the traits' customization window. This will display all of the 171 traits for the Rollbot's in their general traits of the Body, Clothes, Ears, Eyes, Hat and Teeth.

From the 6 general traits, there will be at least one random trait that falls in the Trait Reel spin from these categories. Each trait has it's own individual chance of landing in the Trait Reel spin with a multiplier attached, being higher for the lower chance drops.


Above is a video of us going through the different trait options and choosing our own Rollbot traits, you can choose the right ones for your preferred volatility!

Feedbacks of each multiplier will appear on their respective cells at the end of a winning round if your trait that you picked lands in the Trait Reel at the bottom right. Any wins for the round will have these multipliers added on.

Below you can see the teeth trait for our picked Rollbot with it's multiplier being utilized as it was randomly dropped in on the Trait Reel in the bottom right for the round and then applied to the winning outcome.


Don't know what traits to pick for your bets? We've got you covered!

Next to the 'Pick Bonus Traits' you can choose the dice box option. This will mix up your traits chosen on the Rollbot so you can try your luck with random traits on the Rollbot.

Linking your Rollbot for increased winnings

Don't have a Rollbot to link for added multipliers? You can purchase one from our marketplace here

We've recently added a feature allowing you to utilize your linked Rollbot on your profile further by gaining extra multipliers on top of the trait dedicated multipliers.

When you have a Rollbot linked to your profile and you enable it with the checkbox at the top of the customized Rollbot you can earn the added multipliers:

  • 10x for 5 matched traits
  • 100x for 6 matched traits

This means if the trait reel drops in 5 or more of your Rollbot's traits, the above multipliers will be added to their combined multiplier for increased winnings!

Notice something we should fix or have a suggestion? Be sure to let us know in the respective discord channels inside our Rollbit discord

Automatic Spins

On top of the Rollbot linking, we've also just released automatic spins which is a favorite feature for many players in slots which allows the player to have spins running without the need for clicking the spin button over and over again.

You will find the automatic spins option in the bottom right of the slot with the circling arrow.

You can choose from 10 to 1,000 free spins to run automatically. Once chosen, after tapping "Auto spin" the spins will begin. At any time you can then stop the spins using the "X" in the bottom right whilst the spins are ongoing.

Below we demonstrate how you can enable automatic spins for your gameplay:


Have a question or need some help? You can contact our 24/7 live support team here and we'll be sure to answer any of your questions!