Introducing the NFT Jackpot: Bet NFTs or Cash to Win!

Introducing the NFT Jackpot: Bet NFTs or Cash to Win!

Bet NFTs or cash to try your luck to win the prize pool in our new exciting game, NFT Jackpot!

Being the World's first NFT casino, we are always striving to innovate within the NFT space. Today we're excited to introduce our brand new game, NFT Jackpot!

How to play the NFT Jackpot

Want to take part in the never seen before NFT Jackpot game to try and take home the pot?

To enter in the pool to be in with a chance of winning the NFT Jackpot round, you'll need to have NFTs or USD balance on Rollbit to bet them in the pool.

You can use the 'Cashier' and then 'NFT' to deposit your NFTs into your NFT portfolio to bet them in the Jackpot rounds.


Don't have any NFTs and would like to buy some? You can use our NFT marketplace to bet on or buy any NFTs listed there!

You can also use the 'Cashier' button at the top of your screen on Rollbit to deposit BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC to your regular USD balance at the top of the page.


Head over to the NFT Jackpot to take part in the next round!

How it works

When betting your NFTs or cash in Jackpot, you are risking them for a chance to win the entire prize pool from all of the other player's NFTs and cash.

You won't be able to take part in the round if you don't have any NFTs in your portfolio or balance to enter into the Jackpot pool, so make sure you have your deposit in before the beginning of the next round.

Betting NFTs or Cash

On the Jackpot page, players will be given the option to bet their NFTs or cash with no limits on the amount you want to bet. The more you bet, the higher chance you have of winning the entire pot!

By clicking 'BET NFTs', you can choose an NFT to bet in the prize pool from your crypto portfolio on Rollbit. You can see the steps to enter an NFT into the Jackpot below.


After selecting the NFT you would like to bet, you will then see your chances to win the round at that given time. Once you click 'BET NFT' it is locked in the pool of NFTs for that round that is up for grab.

Betting cash in the Jackpot pool is a similar process of betting an NFT. At the Jackpot page, you can use your balance on Rollbit to enter cash as the value of your bet for that round using 'BET CASH'.


From here you can enter the amount of cash you would like to have a chance at the Jackpot and click 'BET CASH' to place the bet. At the top, you will see your total chance of winning the Jackpot.

Whilst selecting an NFT or Cash bet in the Jackpot, you will see the 'Autobet' option under the terms of entering the bet. This option allows you to auto bet the same NFT or cash bet into the next round without you requiring to select your bet each round.

When betting with cash, the last autobet decision is honoured. For example, if you place a cash bet using autobet, then place another cash bet in the same round without autobet, autobet will be disabled.

Every 50 ETH blocks that are mined on the blockchain, a new Jackpot round will commence. This means that a Jackpot round will begin approximately every 10 minutes. You can check what ETH block we are currently up to here on Etherscan.

We have a Winner!

Each round there will be an unlimited amount of participants that can join but there will only be 1 winner of the entire pool of NFTs and cash that are bet for that round.

The winning player will be randomly chosen, with the players with the highest valued NFTs and most cash in the pool the highest chance of being chosen as the winner.


The outcome provably fair, generated using our provably fair algorithm that you can check for yourself. This means Rollbit cannot decide or influence the round results in any way.


The winner of the round will be credited any cash balance that was won from the pool directly to their regular balance and any NFTs won in the pool directly to their NFT Portfolio. Depending on the Jackpot pool, Rollbit may take a small fee.

Could you be the next winner of the Rollbit NFT Jackpot?

There aren't any requirements to withdraw won NFTs or cash, although there is a minimal fee taken by Rollbit for each NFT Jackpot round.

Rollbit's house fee can be anywhere from 0-5%. The fee is largely dependant on the number of NFTs bet in the pool and the total value.

The winner of the Jackpot round will always receive their entire bet amount back. Therefore, if you happen to be the only player of the round and win, you will always get the entire amount that you bet, including NFTs and balance, back.

Each bet you place in the Jackpot counts towards your total wager on your account and contributes to your rank up rewards. With the 5% house edge fee from the additional prizes, each bet you will also receive instant rakeback rewards regardless if you win the Jackpot!

Have any questions as to how it works that we haven't covered here? Be sure to jump in our Discord and fire away or ask our 24/7 live support using the headphone icon in the bottom right on Rollbit!

- The Rollbit Team