Retro Tapes Explained! (How to max win?)🎶

Retro Tapes Explained! (How to max win?)🎶

Push Gaming’s Retro Tapes definitely brings the groove to gambling. In what could be your new favorite slot, the cassettes are sure to be wild in this one! With its nostalgia inducing retro design and a 10000x max win it’s a game with huge potential!  The most viral addition to slots in the last year, you would be sure to have seen your favorite content creator playing Retro Tapes.

The Base Game:

The base game is set across 6 reels, each with a multitude of funky coloured cassette tapes. Each of the 6 tape colours vary in size of pay. Utilising Push Gamings clusterlink the cassettes fall and tumble.

You may be familiar from Push Gaming’s other slots. The Wild Tape Symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the Multiplier and Magnetic features and will land on the reel with 1x multiplier. Each cluster that the Wild Multiplier Symbol connects will increase the multiplier by 1.  The Wild Tape Symbol is also a Scatter Symbol, meaning three or more landing anywhere on the screen results in a bonus.


The Paytable shown below is for a $0.20 bet. Each colour increases in value with up to a 20 cluster hit!

The eRTP for this slot is 98.59%, this is higher than RTP listed 96.47% as a result of Rollbit’s new reward system. This slot has a maximum win of 10,000X!

There are two options available for Rollbit’s Bonus Battle lovers on this slot!

For the 100x bet bonus this slot guarantees 3-7 Wild Scatter Tape’s! With the chance of Wild Star Multipliers. The 400x Super Bonus guarantees a Wild Star multiplier to land with your cassettes.

The Bonus:

The Bonus gives a varying number between 6-14 Spins depending on the number of Wild Scatter Tapes on the screen.

The Super Bonus also drops in a guaranteed Wild Star Multiplier as mentioned above. In these free spins, coins, multipliers, free spins and more Wild Scatter Symbols can all drop down into the reels.

You’ll  be looking out for connections to your Tape Scatters as these can multiplier themselves again to hit some seriously big payouts! Watch @X7Dave trying out Retro Tapes here!


Are you ready to dive in for yourself and give it a go? I sure hope you’re ready for the funk! Make sure to visit! Play alone, or with/against others in Rollbit’s Clans and Bonus Battles.

-The Rollbit Team