Introducing Rollbit Plinko 🌋

Introducing Rollbit Plinko 🌋

"Wen plinko?" Now Plinko!! You asked, we answered!
Rollbit's Plinko is now LIVE.


What's better than a game with 1000x potential? A game with 10,000x potential!
Rollbit's newest house game Plinko offers users the chance to win up to 10,000x their bet, with multiple board setups to choose from.

Plinko Info:

Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $1,000.00
Maximum win from a single ball: $1,000,000
House Edge: 1%

House Edge for 'Extreme' boards is higher and dynamic

Plinko boards:

With 30 different setups to choose from, Plinko offers a place to bet for all types of gamblers. Looking for the next rank up? A lower risk board might be for you. Chasing a large multiplier? Then try out the 'Degen' boards.



Use the slider to choose between Low, Medium and High risk

We give users the opportunity to change the levels of risk for playing plinko. Increasing the risk, increases the potential for the board by increasing the multiplier of the rows on the outside. However, it also decreases the multiplier of the more central rows, meaning if the ball lands there, you will get less money back.



Choose the number of rows you would like

For each of the 3 risk levels, users can also choose the number of rows they would like to have, between 8 and 16 rows. Increasing the number of rows will increase the number of potential outcomes across the bottom of the board. These outcomes range between 0.1x and 10,000x depending on which board you are playing.

Increasing the number of rows on a specific board may reduce the maximum potential of that board, however it will increase some of the other multipliers.

Degen Level:

Degen Level

Want something with even more risk?

16 rows and high risk isn't enough for you? Don't worry, Rollbit has you covered.

If the previous options aren't enough, there are 3 different 'Degen levels' for you to choose from. 'Degen', 'Extra Degen', and 'Total Degen'
Each level automatically locks in an Extreme level of risk, with a different number of rows for each.
Degen: 12 Rows
Extra Degen: 14 Rows
Total Degen: 16 rows

Something tells me the 'Total Degen' board is where you might find the 10,000x



1 ball isn't enough? Why not make it 100?

We get it, dropping 1 ball at a time is a bit tedious. With our multi drop feature, you can select and drop up to 100 balls at a time! Simply choose the number of balls to drop and click the Drop balls button and watch as the balls start falling!

Multi Drop

300 balls dropped by a 'Total Degen'!

Provably Fair

Just like all other Rollbit house games, Plinko uses a Provably-Fair system, which allows users to see that the bet they have made has no effect on the outcome of the round.

How it works:
The outcome of each Plinko round is calculated in a deterministic way given a randomly generated secret seed and an optional user-provided seed. A cryptographic hash of the secret seed is shown at the beginning of each round before a bet is placed. By publishing the hash of the secret seed, we are verifying that the secret seed is not changed after the bet is placed. By also incorporating a user-provided seed, we are ensuring that is not possible for us to choose the secret seed in such a way as to systematically bias the game's outcome.

Self Verification:
Anyone can verify the outcome of a Plinko round after the secret seed has been revealed. The python code first calculates a round's secret hash, the expected RTP, the outcomes for each ball, and the total payout. The "path" string shows the direction of the ball through each row: "+" indicates dropping to the right and "-" indicates dropping to the left.

The code required to verify the round can be found here!

Ready to play? Play Plinko here!
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-The Rollbit Team!