The Rollbit Duel Arena: World's First 0% Edge PvP Game ⚔️

The Rollbit Duel Arena: World's First 0% Edge PvP Game ⚔️

The Duel Arena is Rollbit's latest offering – The World's first 0% edge PvP game!

If you've played RuneScape, you'll know the excitement of epic battles and thrilling PvP Duels. Now, Rollbit introduces the Duel Arena, inspired by the spirit of the original Sand Casino. In this blog post, we'll break down Rollbit's Duel Arena, and explain what makes it so special!

The Duel Arena:

How to duel:

Once you are in the Duel Arena you can join one of the available Duels, or create a duel for other users to join.

Creating a duel is as simple as clicking a button! Navigate to 'Create Duel' and select what you would like to stake; choose from cash, RLB, or supported NFT collections!

Minimum Stake:

When joining or creating a duel, the minimum stake is $10. This can be $10 on-site balance or $10 worth of $RLB.

Supported NFT collections:

Currently, the supported collections include Bored Ape Yacht Club (Bored Apes), CryptoPunks, Rollbots, and Sportsbots!


Once the duel is created, simply wait for an opponent to join! Once they join you will be able to see their stake (what they are willing to risk) and choose whether to allow them into the duel or kick them out if they aren't offering enough!
Once allowed, users can negotiate their stakes in the private chat box, or choose to accept the duel!


The Duel itself:


Each fighter starts with 990 health points and returns punches with their opponent. It's also possible for a fighter to block an incoming punch to take no damage. Hits vary from inflicting 1 damage all the way up to a critical hit of 112 health points. Once a fighter's health points reach 0 or fall below, they lose the duel, and the opponent is declared the victor and receives the spoils.

How is the winner determined?
Rollbit utilises a 'Provably Fair' system, ensuring that Rollbit is unable to influence or have knowledge of the outcome of Duels.
More information regarding the fairness of the Duel Arena, and information on how to verify it can be found here.

Directing to the 'History' tab on the Duel Arena page, also allows users to verify any Duel by clicking the badge icon next to them!

0% Edge:

Rollbit's Duel Arena, is the World's first 0% Edge PvP Game.
0% edge means that Rollbit will take no commission from any Duels!

If you and your opponent, each staked $20, the victor would receive $40, and the loser would walk away with nothing!


Are you wanting to see who the biggest winners or the biggest losers are in the arena?
The Duel Arena leaderboard allows users to see the biggest Duels of the day, week, month, or all time!

Fun Fact: The biggest duel so far took place on AyeZee's stream, with the victor 'Ayzhin' taking home 2,000,000 RLB worth approximately $400,000 at the time of the duel!
Watch the duel here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Does playing in the Duel Arena increase my on-site wager or give me rewards?
No, the Duel Arena has no house edge and therefore does not influence on-site wager or Rollbit Rewards.
-How can I increase my chance of winning?
It's not possible to increase your chance of winning; each user has a 50% chance to win, even if they stake more than their opponent!
-What does Rollbit make from users playing the Duel Arena?
As there is no house edge, there is no direct benefit for Rollbit from users playing in the Arena. However, Rollbit expects such a feature to increase the overall appeal of it's product which will result in increased conversion.
-What is the maximum stake I can enter?
There is no maximum stake!
-Is there a way to see how Duels work without risking my money?
Yes! Feel free to click 'Watch', and you can observe the current fights taking place and root for your favourite!

Have any more questions regarding our Duel Arena or Rollbit in general?

Join the Discord or reach out to our on-site support team!

-The Rollbit Team